Can a Raw Food Diet be Dangerous?

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Dangers in Pursuing a Raw Food Diet

A true raw food diet isn’t just a vegetarian diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. It includes the process of eating uncooked meat, fish, milk (as well as other dairy), and eggs.
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The Science of Good Cooking

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The revolutionary book that brings science to the stove

Great cooks seem to operate on intuition. Watching one at work, you might think he or she must have a sixth sense that switches on in the kitchen. But great cooks aren’t psychic. They simply understand the fundamental principles of cooking the unspoken rules that guide their every move in the kitchen. What”s behind these principles?  Science.
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Four Foods You Should Never Eat!

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Did you know there are four evil foods that you should try to eliminate from your diet completely?  These four foods are so bad for you, they can cause you to gain unbelievable amounts of weight, give you diabetes, increase your risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stroke, and may eventually lead to early death!
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Dieting For Your Health

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Dieting Can Be Good For Your Health

There is no greater reason for dieting than for your own personal health and well-being. Those who are overweight know better than most the risks and consequences that may result because of your weight. Just like smokers however, the risk does not always seem very cut and dry until we reach our very own turning point. If your eating habits are born of an addiction to certain foods, emotional needs, or years of learned behavior and conditioning things will not change until you completely adjust your eating habits and your lifestyle choices.
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Ways to Prevent Bacteria and Food Spoilage

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Eating healthy foods will help you to boost your immune system, but what if it’s the foods themselves making you sick? Food born illness can cause food poisoning and a variety of other more dangerous diseases, so they are a real threat to our bodies. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to prevent food bacteria and food borne illnesses. Following safety tips when handling, preparing, and for food storage are very important.

Digital thermometerFirst and foremost, you should be concerned with the temperature of your foods. When cooking meat, make sure to use a thermometer in order to make sure that you meat is reaching to proper temperatures inside. Some meats, like beef, can be served rare safely, but proper temperatures are crucial. This kills any bacteria that may be growing on the meat. In the case of burger and other loaf meats that have been ground and formed into eating healthy foods will help you to boost your immune system, but what if it’s the foods themselves making you sick? Food born illness can cause food poisoning and a variety of other more dangerous diseases, so they are a real threat to our bodies. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to prevent food borne illnesses. Following safety tips when handling, preparing, and storing food is very important.
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Can Fast Food Really Be Healthy?

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Fast food is, and will no doubt continue to be, one of the most secure industries in the world. The simple truth of the matter is that sometimes, we look for the quickest option when we are on the move. So it does not appear that fast food will disappear from the high street any time soon. From a healthy eating point of view, the question has to be whether we turn a blind eye to it or find healthy fast food. Does healthy fast food even exist, though?

Well, if fast food is a secure industry, then healthy eating is one that compares with it. While many of us need to eat on the move, there are certainly enough people around who don’t want to compromise on their healthy eating plan. There are options for healthy fast food, even if we tend not to define it as such.

The best fast and healthy option for many of us is a sandwich. Certainly, the number of sandwich chains around the country is testament to how much people enjoy a good sandwich, and the advantage is that sandwiches are readily customizable. Admittedly, not all sandwiches are healthy, but it is up to you how you have them. A chicken salad sandwich on wholemeal with no mayo is certainly healthier than a burger and fries – and the level of variation compared to burgers means that it is a choice that need not get boring. Most sandwich shops also do wraps, pasta salads and other variations too.


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Food Cravings and What they Mean

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The old cliché that if something is delicious it must be fattening has a lot to answer for. Take any list of favorite foods, and there is little doubt that the majority will be things that are bad for us. We instinctively crave foods that, on balance, are not the best option for us – they are unhealthy, lack nutrition and often they don’t really fill our stomachs very well – but we keep going back, for whatever reason. Why DO we crave foods that are bad for us?

There is no doubt that there is a certain charm to food that is not particularly healthy. That charm is not always in the way the food tastes. Sometimes it is a convenience thing – if you’re at a football game the chances are that the options for a snack do not include a healthy casserole, but will include burgers, hot dogs and various other foods that won’t do your waistline a lot of good. Sometimes it can be something as simple as the way a food smells – find someone who doesn’t enjoy the smell of fried onions and you may just have found alien life.

As often as not, we just crave the unhealthy food because it is simple. We’re used to it, we don’t need to sit down to eat it or pair it with just the right side dish. It’s easy and it tastes good. What we need to do is to get to the point where we find a healthy option to be just as hassle-free. For many people, the best option in this case is a sandwich – just as long as there is not too much butter on it, anyway!

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Surprise Yourself By Taking Chances

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How many times have you had the following conversation? You’re trying to persuade someone to do something, and they say “No, I don’t like that”. You ask them how many times they have actually done that thing and they eventually admit they never have, but still maintain that they know they wouldn’t like it. That is the way that many of us behave when it comes to food, and especially healthy food.

The bare fact about eating healthily is that it involves expanding your range a little. Many of us will bellyache about trying a new food because we like what we are used to. The things that we have eaten for years were new to us once too, and the issue is one of being set in our ways. If you try something new every once in a while, you can become better acquainted with variety, and pick the new things that you really like.

There is no point in banging your head against a brick wall trying to develop a taste for something you know you do not like. However, you’ll never know if you like something until you actually try it. This is particularly true of international cuisine. It may look different, but millions of people eat it regularly, so it can hardly be poisonous. Taking a leap of faith and trying a different food is not going to be the death of you, so why not try something different once a week and surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it?